Wedding Memories

June 21, 2013

Photos are one of the most important things about a wedding. They are taken very seriously so they can be cherished and shown to ones kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids. These days couples start by taking professional engagement photos to be sent around on ‘save the date’ cards. Then they find the best photographer in the business to take photos at the wedding, so every moment can be captured with perfection. All in all, the pictures from a wedding seem to be almost as important as the actually union between the two people. The photos taken before and during weddings are great. Everyone loves looking at wedding pictures, even with no personal connection to the family. It is fun to see the bride’s dress, the flowers, the colors chosen, the decorations, and all the exciting aspects of this special day. The only thing missing from the typical “wedding album” is the personal connection with the guests. Some people are uncomfortable around flashing cameras, and others don’t realize it is happening and are photographed at angles they didn’t even know they had. A photo booth is the perfect addition to a wedding… allowing people to feel comfortable and let their silly side out, making memories that the bride and groom can cherish for a lifetime!