Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer. There is a lot to look forward to as we enter this new season. Parents can look forward to their kids being home and take it as an opportunity to enforce strict family bonding rules. For those with kids in college it is time to take full advantage of this cherished time. The kids are finally home longer than a night! But, these young adults may have a different agenda. For them summer is a time to hang out with friends, hit the beach, go to concerts, and sleep in as late as humanly possible. It is a time to “veg.” Finding a balance between friends and family is one challenge that summer brings, but there are worse things…like having to work while others play.

For those of us in the working world, summer is nothing more than a tease. We stare longingly out the window at the beautiful weather and wish more than anything to be on the other side. We wait all week for Friday when we can escape to the beach for a few days before the workweek starts again. Though summer is better for some than others, it is generally a time of increased happiness and excitement. There is nothing better than making s’mores around the fire after a long day in the sun. Weekend trips make for amazing memories. Boating, beaching, hiking, lounging with the family… it’s the little things! Make the memories last with Los Angeles Photo Booth.