Photo Booths are old school. Since the late 1800’s people have been rockin’ the photo booth, but never has it been en vogue like it is today. Hi quality dslr’s and ultra fast dye sub printers dominate the scene to give you the best quality picture and prints. Throw in some creative juices by our design team, a dash of superior customer care and a pinch of love and you have the makings of an affair to remember.


Whisk yourself away to places only dreamed of with our ultra customizable green screens. Nothing is impossible with a green screen!


Years ago we used to ask people, “Black and white or color?” Now there are tons of options! Color, size, shape, digital, social media, project to flat screen, step and repeat and so forth. But don’t let the fact that we have endless options dissuade you. Our customer care team will walk you through the options and help you select the best option.