Photo Booth Services in Los Angeles

The absolute best Beauty Photo Booth in the world!

Beauty Booth

The absolute best Photo Booth rentals in the world – legendary quality and lightning-fast 4×6 prints. Digital images as well as physical prints that you and your guests will cherish forever. Our Beauty Booth is the best-enhanced photo booth system that can instantly create the GLAM effect creating stunning photos for all.

Legendary quality and lightning fast prints!

Open Air Photo Booth

Lose the inhibition and strike a pose! Our Flagship service, the Hollywood Open Air Photo Booth is perfect for groups large or small, weddings and parties, and a great compliment to your marketing efforts for conventions, product launch, premieres, and openings. The stunning branded pictures are displayed in high resolution in real-time for all to see and creates an opportunity for custom design branding on the actual booth itself. Pictures are printed instantly by our dye-sublimation printers in just 20 seconds, one copy for everyone!  Add your brand or logo to every picture so guests will take home a lasting memory of the event.

.GIF Photo Booth

Saying cheese doesn’t mean the action stops! Introducing our newest photo booth, the GIF Photo Booth Rental. Pose your heart out and we’ll do the rest. Create beautiful animated .GIF’s to share to with all of your friends.

Green Screen Booth

Use our open green screen photo booth to place guests “in the scene” of photos that fit the theme of your event and contain your event name and/or corporate branding. You can print them onsite at your event and/or make electronic versions available online so that guests can share their souvenir photo with friends and family around social media.


Instant Print Photo Booth

No booth, no problem! Our Instant print photo booth package includes custom props and border design, as well as unlimited onsite printing. It starts with three hours of service and an onsite manager and brand ambassador attend the booth. All photos taken at the event will be uploaded to an online gallery for future downloading and sharing. Pictures can be taken of the attendees wherever they are, and collected at a pre-determined location close by.

HashTag Printing Photo Booth

Allow event attendees to take their own pictures and have them printed at our hashtag printing photo booth stations located conveniently close by. You select a #hashtag for your event, and our software monitors Instagram and Twitter for photos matching that #hashtag and allows your guest to prints out their photos!

360 Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

360 photo booth rental Camera spins around 360 degrees around the guests at the platform with melodious music video to jive!!!

We create fabulous 360 video effects, 360 slow motion, creative filters and music for the guests to relish the shoot.


Easy to share the video generated with 360 photo booth immediately after it is made!!!

Our 360 Photo Booth is loaded with some extra feature given below:-

Benefit 360 degree photo booths rental

  • Gives an engaging experience to the guests.
  • Shoves Creative, bona fide social media content For your brand promotion.
  • Makes the Event interactive for your attendees.
  • Instant Social Media Sharing after being created.
  • Prefers Quality outcome over the cost.

All these features makes 360 Photo Booth Rental Los Angles as the first choice for the upcoming events.

What can you do in the 360 Photo Booth Rental?

Our 360 Photo Booth rental comes with unique features:

  • Hi-Tech Cameras used to cover the event.
  • Roving impact on videos generated for the project.
  • Our professionals take a photo by spinning 360 degrees.
  • Sharp captures of the entire event with guests.
  • Give spinning image of the people while photographing.

Our team uses latest technology hi-tech cameras to shoot the event and make it a memorable one. Spinning impact gives an innovative look to the photo booth and becomes popular in a minute. Leave all your future queries for the upcoming events to make them shoot with our 360 Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles. It will leave your guests spell bound!!!

How can a 360 photo booth rental help me?

Our 360 Photo booth rental will assist you in many ways:

  • Post a duty of minimum of two attendants during the shoot.
  • Provide pictures on your 360 photo booth gallery for your future reference.
  • Add-on like props, GIFs, filters etc., to make it interactive.
  • Capable of crafting fabulous backdrop of the photo booth to make it attractive.


Los Angeles Photo Booth offers unique and exquisite 360 Photo Booth Rental Services. There are some salient features that make us unique these are:


Each and every event organized by us will have captivating soundtrack to make the viewers glued to the video till the end. Our team chooses the perfect melody to match the event and the theme of your photo booth.


All the 360 photo booth rental comes with logo animation. Your logos are animated by our technical team and a copy of the same is sent for the approval to you before launching it on social media.


Guests can text their experiences instantly! Guests would be able to see their videos taken at the event with the help of our facial recognition software.


After the photo shoot the guests would be able to text their pictures to themselves and then bring them to an immersive micro site to continue with the branding or the event. The micro site is prepared for the guests to share on their social media right from their mobile phones.


All the sessions, photo views, impressions, reach, timeline, comparisons to video, photos/gifs, and data capture are detectable to enumerate the achievement of your event!

Social Media Sharing:-

Guests would be able to share their new photo directly from the microsite to any of the social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and much more!

Multi-Cam and Slo Mo Photo Booth

Introducing the LA Photo Booth Multi-Cam and Slo Mo photo booth. We use six cameras to capture a the moment simultaneously for the multi cam. All of the images are then instantly branded and uploaded to the web. We create magical moments to be shared instantly on social media in real time! With our photo booth services we will record a 1-3 second video clip and slow it down, way down before adding your graphic design or logo.

Guests can then email and text to themselves to share on social media.

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