.GIF Photo Booth Rental

Saying cheese doesn’t mean the action stops! Introducing our newest photo booth, the .GIF photo booth rental Los Angeles. Pose your heart out and we’ll do the rest. Create beautiful animated .GIF‘s to share to with all of your friends.

What is the GIF Photo Booth Rental?

Compact and well-organized, our striking GIF Booth is premeditated for the modern techie world to grab the attraction of masses.

In the era of social media, GIF Photo Booth rental services Los Angeles is an ideal option to boost your events. Our staff is well-organized to fill in fun and frolic in the GIFs to run fast and easy for the guests and viewers at social media. Guests enjoy the enthusiasm involved in GIF which is loaded with series of captures and animated thereafter. It makes it easy to share via email or any other messenger.

GIF photo booth also involves prints of the photographs taken. It makes the event more attractive and captivating as it has two ended functions.

Benefits of GIF Photo Booth Rental

1. Persuade impulsive moments
GIF photo booth adds creativity, particularly when you modify it with props. It makes the guests feel crazy and glued to the social media page where our GIF photo booth is posted.

2. Content is shareable
Gifs Photo Booth gets quick ranking at the portals like Google than any other advertising media. Branding is easily sharable with the millions with interesting GIFs to create buzz around your event. Guests tend to make memes from GIFs which makes it to give a broader reach than any other Photo Booth.

3. No need to supervise the photographer
GIFs are more focused to make the guests enjoy hence there is hardly any need to supervise the photographers at the booth.

4. Makes the event unique
GIFs are an attraction with masses as these are easy to share and one can customize party favor quickly.

5. Makes the event impressive
GIF adds color to the photo booth with its flickering impact on the viewers. It makes the event impressive and memorable!!!

What can you do in the GIF Photo Booth Rental?

The GIF Booth is tremendously simple to use as compared to a traditional photo booth.

Step 1: Guests are welcomed by our responsive operator and are instruct them to stand opposite the GIF Booth.

Step 2: The operator will tap the GIF Booth screen to begin the photo session and the guests will have a sequence of photos captured.

Step 3: Those photos will be compiled together to generate an animated GIF which can be viewed on the screen.

Step 4: The GIF can be easily emailed as a digital copy and one can receive a printed copy with the individual photos.

Our GIF photo booth has many unique features:

  • Identified Overlay/Frame: Your logo or create a branded frame can be incorporated that will emerge on the picture.
  • Splendid Filter: Our technicians will create special beauty filter to the photo to enhance the look of GIF Booth. It will help the guest to produce instant pictures with stunning outcomes.
  • Customized Message: The emailed version of the GIF can personalize the message that accompanies it.

Why choose GIF Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles ?

Our unique features make GIF photo booth rental service from LA Photo Booth as the first choice of the clients.

  • Professional team
  • Efficient output
  • Customized GIFs creation
  • Add-ons to enhance the events
  • Support 24 x 7
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Our GIF Booth rental will provide you a customized GIF prepared for your event. It will have props, series of captures with animation filters, and anything that you need to add in the GIF Booth.

Yes we do provide GIF Booth prints with a minimum of 4 copies. In case you need additional prints then extra charges will be imposed.

Our GIF Booth is purely event based to give an exquisite feature and branding to make the event worth a memory. Logos are featured on your website, GIF includes a smaller version of logo at the time of the event, provide guest email service, and any add-on facility that you may need with your project.

No there is no need to book a photography package to rent the GIF booth.

GIF booth has an additional feature of animation which can be created by adding series of pictures to the booth. It makes the event more enduring with the flip-flop outcome.

Yes GIF booth needs WiFi access because it is launched on social media portals which are activated with internet availability

No, it is easy and stand-alone photo booth that needs battery power. It is an ideal option for outdoor events.

Yes, it can be customized with your branding. You need to provide the logo and company’s name to be floated on GIF photo booth.