Wedding Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

Our Wedding Photo Booth rental in Los Angeles are a great way to have fun at a wedding! If you’re going to have one, you can rent them but you might as well buy. It’s better to have a photo booth that you can use at other events and even parties. You’re buying a lot more than a photo booth when you buy. You’re buying a great way to have fun with guests. Wedding photo booths can come with a variety of fun props that your guests can use to take home some fun photos. It’s a great way to have fun, remember the party and get a good photograph to remember the day!

Today’s society has embraced the idea of the modern wedding. A wedding photo booth rental company can help you create a custom fit wedding and help you get the most out of your special day. Hiring a personal wedding Photo Booth or a small, personalized Photo Booth company can be a great way to make sure everything goes smoothly. Having a Photo Booth expert on your side can help you plan everything to perfection, assuring that Weddings can be a time of great joy, however stressful they might be. Hire Photo Booth company, you are allowing yourself to spend more time with your guests, who are there to celebrate with you, rather than do wedding things.



A wedding photo booth is a fun way to keep guests entertained throughout the wedding reception. Photo booth attendants will print out strips of photos with a message or design printed on the bottom of the strip. The guests will write something on the blank spot on the bottom, usually along the lines of what’s happening at the time. Then the guest will take the photo strip, put it in an envelope, and drop it in a special mailbox. When the bride and groom receive their photo booth pictures, they’ll appreciate all of the funny things that their guests wrote, which they can keep and cherish forever!

Yes, we do! Our photo booths are also great to use at parties, family reunions and even graduations. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience!

5 x 7 or 6 x 8 inches

A lot of people don’t realize this, but iPads were originally made for consumers. What they do not know is that they can turn your iPad into an excellent photo booth! These are just a few reasons why an iPad can be considered the perfect device for your wedding:

1. It’s easy to carry

2. Everyone owns one!

3. It’s a fun way to share memories

4. The Apple ecosystem

5. It’s Fun!

You can hire our team or you can also get remote facility to get photos.

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to stress over taking too many pictures or too few at your Wedding. Instead, you should just try to take the best possible pictures you can! Use the guidelines below to help you think about how to make the best possible picture of your significant other. Try to think about how lighting, framing and even timing can create a truly stunning picture of your Wedding day. Also, you should know that your photographer will take a lot of pictures for you on that day so you won’t have to worry about how many you take. Make sure to choose a photographer you can trust to take the best possible pictures for you!

4 to 5 people at a time.


Yes! Your wedding photo booth rental comes with a free, customized photo book that has all the photos from your event (with the exception of any photos that are not appropriate for publication). Our photo booth attendant can go through the photos one by one, choosing the ones to go into the photo album. We can also add custom captions and name tags for your guests.

Do it with disposable cameras. Go vintage with cute instant cameras. Share a Google Photos or DropBox link to your guests.

First, the most important aspect of a wedding photo booth is the photo booth operator! Who knows better about the photo booth than the guy who operates it? Typically, a wedding photo booth has a laptop and software loaded with tons of fun backgrounds, props and a camera attached to a swivel stand. We can even drape a curtain between the booth and your guests so they can go in and out without disturbing anyone. The fun part is when your guests go in and take a photo. We can also print the photos right then and there!