Open Air Photo Booth Los Angeles

Los Angeles Photo booth is a company offering exquisite events with sparkling outcomes using latest technology to capture the masses. We offer easy to use open air photo boots that are stylish, lustrous and charm the viewers of all ages. Our team is well-groomed to offer customized photo booths to suit the client’s taste and preferences. Photo Booths are well-tailored for almost all the events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and brand promotions. Special edition photo booth with Still photos, GIFs, Boomerangs or even 3D 360 photos will be an added advantage to jive the event more enduring worldwide!!! We have them all!!!

What is an Open Air Photo Booth?

An Open Air Photo Booth has a photo booth cabin along with a background get up.

Photo Booth models are having a set up of DSLR with flash. We add Selfie Stations and Digital Props as desired by most of our clients. The sizes of our open air Photo Booths varies from 2 x 6 to 4 x 6 depending upon the need and preferences of the event seeker. Our photo lab delivers sharp prints with high quality media coverage. Our graphic team is skilled enough to tailor a unique and vibrant graphic design to charm the views to be glued to your event.

Our team will make all possible efforts to make astonishing air photo booth to match your upcoming events such as wedding invitations, brand promotion, event party theme or any other exclusive design. 

Are you looking for a unique air photo booth rental deals in Los Angeles? Stop by at our office or visit our official website to get the competitive deals.

Benefits of an Open Air Photo Booth

Los Angeles Photo booths offer an extraordinary way to give companies a noticeable souvenir of your corporate events or family wedding ceremony or any of the occasions.

In case you are hunting for an authentic bash filled with fun and pomp then LOS ANGELES  PHOTO BOOTH is the right choice. The benefits of choosing open air photo booth are:

  • Easy to customize and comfortable to Share
  • Bendable Picture options
  • Elegant set-up
  • Extra Cosines in temperate weather
  • Picture Booths offers probability to interact

What can you do in the Open Air Photo Booth?

Open Air Photo Booth is highly entertaining means to make the event memorable. We can add selfie session, Gifs, and many such active add-ons to make it interactive. 

Open Air Photo Booth fills the silence and makes the viewer glued to the event till it ends.

It can add your best pals in the event as if offers lot of space once launched on social media.

How can an open-air photo booth help me?

Open – Air Photo Booth helps the organizer to enhance the event and gather maximum attraction especially when launched for brand promotions. Family wedding ceremonies are given a decent look which one can treasure for the lifetime. 

Why choose Open Air Photo Booth Service from Los Angeles Photo Booth?

Los Angeles Photo Booth is an ideal option for your upcoming event as it can assist you in making your event memorable. Open Air Photo Booth service is considered exclusive as Los Angeles Photo Booth is powered with the following:

  • Exclusive and attractive open air photo booth backdrops

Los Angeles Photo Booth offers exclusive and attractive open air photo booth backdrops to enhance the event. 

  • Open air photo booth for sale and rentals

We have open air photo booth for sale and rentals depending upon your needs and preferences. Photo Booth rental or for sale are offered at a very reasonable price. 

  • Adequate support staff on the Photo Booth

We offer adequate support staff to the clients for the Photo Booth shoot. It will ensure a comfortable ride to make the people feel at home.

  • Stand alone Photo Booth

We give an option to set up a DIY photo booth for your upcoming party, event, wedding, or special occasion.  You may add a mini ball head or any prop of your choice to make your Open Air photo booth attractive and decent.

  • Organize outdoor photo booth rental

We have organized numerous outdoor photo booth rentals and those have come up successfully with our clients. Look for the best open air photo booth near you to get the best price for your investment.


What’s included in an Open Air rental?

Los Angeles Open Air Photo Booth sessions include:

  • Unrestricted Photo Booth Sessions.
  • Two to three prints of 2″x6″ photo strips with 4″x6″ print promotion accessible.
  • Four Pictures on every Strip.
  • Color, Black & White and Vintage Photo technique accessible.
  • Numerous themed borders for customizing pictures.
Does the Open Air do prints?

Yes, Open Air photo booth does offer prints from 3 to 4 numbers depending upon the event and demand of the client.

How does Open Air photo booth work?

Open Air photo booth has no enclosures as it is the narrower version to take captures from a distance.

How is our Open Air photo booth unique?

We allow DIY option for Open Air photo booth to give a unique look where you can add some props as per your desire.

How to use the Open Air photo booth (it’s easy!)

It is easy to Open Air photo booth as it has an interactive touch screen that makes it user-friendly.

Does the Open Air photo booth need WIFI access?

Yes it does need WIFI access as it is launched in public portals to grab more guests and viewers.

Does the Open Air photo booth need a power outlet?

Yes it needs power outlet to take sharp captures for Open Air photo booth.

Can the Open Air photo booth be customized with my branding?

Yes it can be customized with the client’s branding to get more footage for the upcoming event worldwide.

Do I need to book a photography package to rent the Open Air photo booth?

Minimum of 3 to 4 prints are given to the client for the open air Photo Booth and if the prints are increased then you need to shell out an extra penny for every additional print out.

Need some convincing?

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