June Gloom

People in LA seem to complain about June Gloom, but they don’t realize how beautiful it is to have a change in weather. We are so accustomed to hiking in the sun, hitting the beach, and driving around with the windows down… it’s necessary to have a little change for a few weeks a year. And from a photography prospective, June Gloom is actually a good thing

Cloudy days make for amazing portraits and beautiful landscapes. Instead of sulking, get outside and take some pictures! The clouds soften contrasts and shadows, avoiding the squinty sun-in-the-eyes look. We are spoiled with typical LA weather, clear skies and warm sunshine. So we need June gloom to put us in our place!

Though we hope this gloomy weather doesn’t make an extended visit this year, we can at least be thankful we aren’t living in northeast with vitamin D deficiency. To make a long story short, June Gloom is Mother Nature’s way of telling us to get out, take some beautiful photos, and then go inside and pray that the sun will come out tomorrow. Or… pose infront of a beach green screen, might help!

Surf Boards at the Beach