“Think back to your high school prom. Yes you can remember your hair style, your dress, your date…. but remembering the real moments from your prom night can be hard to bring back to life. Most of the memories captured on camera are from pre-prom when all the parents gather to snap pics that you anticipate deleting when they aren’t looking. At this point you wish more than anything that you could stop fake smiling. Prom is a big night for everyone, one we anticipate for years. It is crucial to have pictures documenting this milestone. At the party it is important to enjoy yourself and not spend the night playing paparazzi as your friends enjoy the music. Would be nice to jump into a photo booth and let it be your source of photography for the evening. This way you can sit back, relax, and know that your moments will not be forgotten! Take some fun pictures quick enough to get back to the dance floor without missing a moment!

Prom Season

LA Photo Booth makes it easy on you, and helps to make your memories last a lifetime.”

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