Family Photo booth

It is nearly impossible to avoid the awkwardness that comes along with the tradition of family photo booth. Kids typically dread this event, one forced upon them by parents yearning to make their house more “homey” by hanging a family portrait or two. Or… mom wants to send around a holiday card complete with the family’s smiling faces. Even worse, you are forced to dress up in outfits that match your siblings, sometimes even your parents too. This is a tragedy in the truest form. Often these portraits are taken when kids are young enough to abide. And, although these portraits do make for a “cute” family picture, they are ripped off the wall about three years later once the kids grow old enough to realize just how peculiar they look being all “matchy-matchy” with the fam. The most infamous family photo that has gone down in history would have to be the family pig pile. Dad on the bottom, then mom, then the kids in age order. The youngest risks toppling over on the top, but that is a risk mom and dad are willing to take in order to snap a memorable picture. Next come the fake smiles and laughter, resulting in a forced, robotic photo displaying everybody from their worst angles. But mom and dad are just happy to have everyone together in one place, and to have it captured on camera. So… it is going on the living room wall and you have no say in the matter. You are not involved in the process of choosing which photo will be framed above the fireplace because it is your parents house, not yours. Oh… the joys of being a kid! Avoid the awkward portrait by getting the fam into a photo booth where you don’t have to fake the laughter. Capture the real fun with LA Photo Booth.