What is a 360 degree Photo Booth


360 Degree Photo Booth – The Next Big Thing You Need to Know.



What a wonder a social media platform is! It not only gives you the space to express your being, but also the medium for creation. Thanks to the ever-evolving social media platforms, we are given a 360 photo booth rental near me. In case you are wondering what the 360 photo booth is, let us give you a hint. 

We are sure you have come across posts on different social media platforms in which the users are seen zooming in and out of the frame, spinning without moving, or pictures following the medium of Instagram’s boomerang, right? It is this moving and grooving phenomenon that we are talking about. But before we talk about how unique this mode of taking pictures is, let us share with you how pocket-friendly it is.

How much does it cost for a 360 photo booth in Los Angeles?

Who wouldn’t want to make their event more tantalizing and exhilaratingly thrilling? To get your groove going on the platform, all you need to do is include a 360 booth rental in Los Angeles. The sensation of getting yourself photographed at a lightning speed will not only leave you enthralled but will improve the photo-taking experience for the better. 

However, if you are wondering how much the 360 video booth rental price may be, then let us tell you, that the cost of the service may vary depending on certain inclusion of services. We have included the elements that could impact the cost of the overall services. 

Type of 360 Photo Booth services in Los Angeles

If you think that the 360 photo booth will only include the good ol’ boomerang services, then you are about to be shocked. In addition to the Boomerang photo-taking method, many photo booth services have included the classic video booth, GIF booth, 3D Slider Booth. Depending on the deliverance of the services, the cost will be decided. 

  • The extent of the service:

The extent of the services may include the application of personalization. In other words, to make the outcome of the service more personalized, many clients ask for the application of an overlay graphic, backdrop, or survey. Hence, the cost may differ depending on the extent of services you have asked for. 

  • Time and space:

The allotment of time, in other words, the extent of the time slot allocated specifically for the client is another factor. Not only that, the space for the rental is another active factor that could determine the cost of the whole session. 

Therefore, to know about the cost of the session specialized for your needs, you must inquire about the photo booth services. 

What is a 360-degree photo booth?

Now that we have gone through how much it would cost you to 360 slow motion photo booth, let us get down to understanding the anatomy of a 360-degree photo booth. Or shall we say social photo booth?

The 360 photo booth is one of the advanced, hottest, and exciting elements utilized to make the event experiences more sensitizing and modern. However, linguistically, it is a video booth that captures almost 120 frames in one second. 

Normally, the users are required to step on the platform, while the revolving video camera will spin 360° around to capture the movement in slow motion. 

The session includes exciting methods of taking picturesque videos in a minimalistic landscape where you and your creative movement are the main stars. The amalgamation of elegance and artistic expression is why the 360 slow-motion video booth rental continues to become a hot topic in many events. 

Ending note:
Next time when you want to make your event the talk of the town, all you have to do is turn to the 360-degree photo booth in LA. Make it more personalized, yet universal.