Why The Open Air Photo Booth Rental is in Trend and How to Implement it?


Open Air Photo Booth rental is the latest trend to robust any upcoming corporate event or party. It is an improvisation over conventional PhotoBooth that clicks photos from a distance. In case you are new to the term OPEN AIR PHOTO BOOTH rental concept, let us define it for you so that you can make the most advantage of the same and be with the latest trends to market of your brand.

Meaning of Open Air Photo Booth?

Open Air Photo Booth is a type of Phone Booth which works in open air with no enclosures. It’s narrower and slimmer version of conventional Photo Booth that clicks photos from a distance. Each type of Open Air Photo Booth works differently and is customized, as per needs and requirements of parties and events. They are designed to add colorful splendor and extravaganza to events through fancy backdrops, customized print designs, inspired props and amusing magic hosts, which add zeal and zest to the show.

Open Air Photo Booth rental near Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the concept of Open Air Photo Booth is adding colorful vibes in all festivities and occasions, ranging from splendid wedding ceremonies to suave corporate events. The leading and distinguished rental companies in L.A offers variety of services such as photo printing, digital sharing, hundreds of colorful backdrops, scrapbooks, party props, animated GIF, 360 degree slow motion videos, animated overlays, step and repeat backdrops, photo installations, logo watermarking, video messaging, party favors, HD slideshows and more.

The enthusiasts of Open Air Photo Booth rentals near their location by short-listing leading brands. They have the options of either buying them or hiring them on rentals, as per your needs and budget.

Open Air Photo Booth Instagram

Instagram has recently introduced a new Multi-Capture feature to Stories. This vibrant and colorful feature allows users in creating as well as sharing multiple photographs at once. For adding glitz and spark to parties, users can use this feature by quickly clicking photos to their story. The open air photo booth can be used with varieties of options.

The users can capture multiple pictures with various colorful backdrops with their friends, relatives, colleagues and pets.

The following frequently asked Questions which needs to be answered before you plan to take up any open air photo booth rental option for your upcoming event. These are:

How Do You Make an Ideal Open Air Photo Booth?

For making an ideal Open Air Photo Booth, do follow these simple steps: –

  1. Do find a substantial space for your Open Air Photo Booth.
  2. Now, do create the backdrop of your Open Air Photo Booth. Your backdrop should be extensive and should fit any type of parties and occasions.
  3. Do select the types of cameras that can help you in clicking best of pictures.
  4. For adding fun and opulence to the show, do buy or prepare some colorfully vibrant Photo Booth Props.
  5. Arrange flashy light fixtures which can enlighten the spirits of the occasion.
  6. Finally, arrange parties and invite guests to share the photos.

How Do You Use the Feature of Photo Booth on Instagram Stories?

In recent developments, Instagram has introduced a unique feature of “PhotoBooth” on Instagram Stories. In this feature, users are allowed to create short slideshow videos of several selfie photos. In addition, users can also add special effects provided by Instagram to the photo slideshow video.

As Photo Booth are used in public places, the Photo Booth feature on Instagram Stories can also be used easily by users, by following these steps.

Steps of Using Instagram Photo Booth Feature

  • Firstly, open the Instagram Application.
  • Now, do tap the Story feature button.
  • Thereafter, from the Instagram Story feature list, do find and tap on the Photo Booth option.
  • Now, tap on the record video button
  • After few moments, a countdown timer will start appearing on the screen.
  • Now, users should get ready to point the camera to take three photos.
  • After the completion of shooting stage, do tap on the Photo Booth feature button that is located at the top of the video previews. It will add several video effects provided by Instagram Application.
  • Next, users should tap on one of the six video effects that users want to add to their Instagram Photo Booth video.
  • Now, users should tap on “Done” button, placed in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Lastly, users can immediately share their Photo Booth video as their Instagram story.

Please note that this feature will only appear in the latest version of the Instagram Application. So, please update this application, if you are still using the older version.

What Should Be The Ideal Size for Opening an Open Air Photo Booth? 

For venturing into Open Air Photo Booth, do check your venue space, height of ceiling and floor plan to ensure that you have adequate amount of space. It is estimated to have minimum area of around 10X10 to start open air photo booths. You can go for larger open air photo booths, if you have budget and substantial resources and plans to offers to your customers.

What is Average Rental Cost of an Open Air Photo Booth in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the concept of Open Air Photo Booth is getting popular and so it’s rentals are offered in varied plans and packages. Depending on the occasions, locations, locations and other factors, the rentals of Open Air Photo Booth in Los Angeles, ranges from $ 700 to $ 1900.

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